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IWay 500C Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information - Article Details "I put two Talons on the back with sandwich mounts. "Just added 12' Talon, that took 1 mph off my speed and added nothing to my holeshot. "Great and fast boat, really fun to drive once you get them setup rht. Full fuel, livewell, oil reservoir, all tackle/rods! "I need a bger prop, any recommendations would help. Great ride, easy to drive.23 Tempest Plus, 6" Atlas hydraulic jackplate, Minn Kota Fortrex 80# TM, Lowrance HDS5. Gained approx.3 mph going from 21 to 23 pitch prop. "It's not the fastest, but it's the widest and the front deck is b enough for a midget to do cartwheels on. It does 64 mph loaded and 66 mph lht."25 Tempest, 6" Rite Hite jackplate, Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM. Also has nice size decks and plenty of storage."14 Merc prop, Motorguide 46 Pro TM. Should I move my motor mount above the lowest setting on the transom? Owned it since new, left it stock set up from factory, never had an issue with boat, motor or trailer. Best of all no payments since 2000.""Just picked it up today (10/17/10). The GPS antenna/receiver is located under the top of the unit, so make sure nothing is. Mac OS X users will not be able to update their iWAY 500C unit from.

Lowrance iWay 500C Automotive GPS Unit, Review "1/2 tank of gas, livewell empty, 1 person, 100# gear. Holeshot is not that great but rides good and is dry. The previous owner had the engine stolen and replaced it with a Merc 115 4 Stroke, now it's way underpowered."Manual jackplate, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM. And after reading this forum it seems my top speed is awfully low. Will post more info in spring after I makes some changes."23 Tempest,6" Rite Hite, Eagle Fish Elite 480, Lowrance X67c, Mark 5, Motorguide Wireless W75. Lowrance iWay 500C Automotive GPS Unit, Review. For specific questions about this product, log onto the FORUM

GPS Information - Hardware and Software I do have some issues; when retrieving the boat, the bow goes under the winch roller. Will get it out this weekend before I winterize it to see how she runs. "Full tournament load, two people, 3/4 tank at testing."26 Fury, 10" manual jackplate, Humminbird 898c si's (2). 72 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps) "Doing break-in only 1/4 trim. GPS Information on Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan and other CONSUMER receivers

Lowrance iWAY 500c and iWAY 600c remote antenna Very smooth."24 Tempest Plus, 10" Vance jackplate, HB999SI, HB858C, MK Maxxum. 59 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps)."Love the deck but have problems getting on plane and was going to add Power Poles but thinking the added weht would be bad. 46 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps)."With the 120 Force I can only get 46 mph, I just don't think the motor has enough hp to push this boat, what do you think? I didn't realize that the motor the guy hung was a 25" shaft but it gets out of the hole really well. Boat runs 52 mph with just me, full tank of fuel and tourney load. It actually does both quite well and is especially comfortable on those cold rides back to the dock! For the Lowrance iWAY 500C and iWAY 600C GPS systems. also available windshield suction cup mount/bracket.

Ifinder Lowrance ExpeditionC Handheld GPS Receiver Hunting Ice. "Love my boat, just have to mess with jackplate to try and get a little more speed if I can."23 Hh Five, 8" Slidemaster, HDS7 Touch, HDS5. I lost 6 mph and my holeshot and had to prop down a pitch and switch to a Hh Five."23 Tempest, 10" Atlas hydraulic jackplate, HDS9 Touch, HDS7 Touch, Minn Kota Terrova. Still a solid 3 seconds."26 Tempest, 8" Bob's hydraulic, Lowrance HDS7 w/structure scan, HDS7 networked on bow, Motorguide 75#. "Just bought Nov.2013, will fill in rest once I get it out on the water."23 worked Power Tech, 10" Slidemaster, Lowrance HDS10, HDS8, Minn Kota Maxxum 80#. Just added a 2.1 gearcase and it really improved holeshot and now fin tuning prop and other mods to squeeze a few more mphs out of it."26 Merc, manual jackplate. 72 mph all day long and a dry smooth ride to boot."24 Tempest Plus, Lowrance Elite 5, Mark 5. Very impressed with the performance and handling of this boat thus far. 21 Renegade offshore, Lowrance Elite 5, Minn Kota All Terrain 65#. Boat runs 58.7 gps at 5800, I can't run wot because I don't want to blow the motor."23 Power Tech, manual jackplate, Humminbird 598 GPS, Minn Kota TM. Holeshot still good."24 Tempest, 10" jackplate, Lowramce LMS, X125, Motorguide 75# TM. "23 Tempest Plus, 10" TH Marine jackplate, Minn Kota Maxxum 101#. "I bought the boat as a repo in 2004 and have been replacing things as I get the money. Lowrance iWAY 500C Marine/Street GPS Bundle With Manual. Lowrance iFINDER Handheld GPS Receiver 12 channel Hunting Fishing Hiking Trail

Lowrance 112-362 iWay 500C Portable GPS. It is a great platform to fish from."24 Laser II, Lowrance HDS 5, Humminbird on front, Minn Kota 40#. Best riding little boat I have even been in."24 Trophy Plus, Lowrance X85 bow, Eagle Cuda 350 S/Map at transom, Motorguide 70#. Lowrance 112-362 iWay 500C Portable GPS Navator and. DC power adapter, protective cover, touchscreen cleaning cloth, user's manual.

Nitro - Bass Boat Central Very quick holeshot, tremendous lift, no blowout with this prop. Any feedback would be appreciated."25 Fury, 10" Slidemaster, Lowrance HDS8, HDS7, Motorguide Dital Tour 82#. "25 Tempest Plus, 10" jackplate, Humminbird 998si console, Lowrance X27 bow, Minn Kota Fortrex 80#. I really like the stability of the boat in rough water whether I'm fishing or running. I've not played with the setup much cause I don't think I'll get much more out of it? Nitro Z18 16 150 Merc 23 Tempest, 8" Slidemaster jackplate, MK Fortrex. Propshaft is 2.25" below pad. 61 mph @ 5800 rpm gps.

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