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The G92 Performance-Optioned 3rd Gen Camaro Not Your To utilize the stud/pin that is pressed into the brake pedal arm, I made a custom clevis with a hole for the stud/pin. The hottest 3rd Gen Camaro IROC-Z, the G92-code performance. 5.0 TPI with the manual 5-speed or the L98 optioned 5.7 automatic the.

Rd Gen Auto to Manual Swap - TTORA Forum The clevis is machined to use a 5/16 diameter pushrod with fine threads. A custom CNC aluminum plate was machined to cover up the orinal power booster hole and allow GM, Ford, or Mopar style master cylinder to be utilized in the upper holes. I have begun work swapping a R150F into my 1998 4runner 3.4L in place of the A340F that died here recently. I decided since I was planning.

Rd Gen Camaro LS1 Swap A retention cup will also be fabricated and pressed into the plate to retain the pushrod so it doesn't fall out the back of the master cylinder. To utilize a Ford or Mopar style master cylinder, the upper passenger side mounting bolt hole in the firewall will have to drilled out to a in diameter (before the adapter plate is installed) because these master cylinders have a narrower bolt pattern than a GM master cylinder. Rd Gen Camaro With stock LS1. HAWKS 1999 LSX Conversion Camaro LS1 Cam Bolt ons. 82 92 camaro firebird C5 corvette Brake Conversion third gen

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