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Antari Lhting & Effects Z 1020 1000W Fog Machine with Z 10. Features:- Power: AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V, 50Hz-60Hz- Heater: 1,000W- Output: 10,000 cu.ft/min- First Heat-Up Time: 10 min.- Tank Capacity: 2.4 Liters- Fluid Consumption Rate: 13 min/Liter (100% Output)- Remote Included: Z-10 (Fogging Switch: ON/OFF)- Optional Remote: Z-40 (Timer Remote); Z-50 (Wireless Remote)- Optional Accessories: FZ-1020 (Flht Case) 2 units machines in 1 flht case- Weht: 9.8 Kg- Dimensions (mm): L370 x W295 x H135- Liquid Used: Antari FLR Liquid (Lht Fog Liquid) recommend Z-10 Remote:- Cable Length: 25 ft.- Connector: 1/4 Stereo- Function: Fogging Switch (ON/OFF)- Compatible with: Z-800II, Z-1000II, Z-1020Get your Antari Z-1020 Vertical Pro Fog Machine today from Sam Ash Direct and enjoy the confidence that comes from fast, free shipping, the guaranteed lowest price and our 45/60-day return/price protection policy. Antari's Z-1020, the most powerful DMX-controlled vertical pure fog machine. Fluid Consumption Rate 13 min/Liter 100% output; Remote Included Z-10.

Z-1020 - Elation Professional Other features include DMX on-board, built-in electronic low fluid detector. Perhaps the bgest innovation in Antaris Z-Series II is the Z-1020, a totally new flat. Optional Remotes Z-40 Timer Remote, Z-50 Wireless Remote

Z-1000 II / Z-1020 Lht weht, sleek and compact desn, easy installation and maintenance. ANTARI. Z-1000II. Z-1020. 製品の特徴. Z-1000II は小中規模のステージや店舗に. Product Manual. 本製品には必ず ANTARI 社製のフォグリキッドのみを使用して.

ANTARI Z-1000 II BROCHURE Pdf Download. The Antari Z-1020 uses mirror-piping heater technology that supports advance features and hh-throughout burst mode with its extreme low energy consumption. Fog Machine Antari Fogger Z-1020 Product Manual. Fog Machine Antari Z-3000II User Manual. Z-series ii fog machine 32 pages

Z-800II, Z-1000II & Z-1020 USER MANUAL Z-800II, Z-1000II und Z. The Antari Z-1020 can be positioned on the ground to spurt fog upward to have a column of fog effect or can be mounted on the wall to easily blend the surroundings with atmospheric effect. If your ANTARI Z-800II, Z-1000II and Z-1020 Fog Machine fails to work. When the remote control is attached the red lhts on Z-800II handle and green lht.

Antari Lhting And Effects - Download Antari’s Z-1020 is perfect for theatrical and studio application, large halls, concerts, DJ touring, and clubs. Antari,fog machine,smoke machine,haze machine,bubble machine,snow machine,foam machine. User Manual. Z-II Series. △. Z-380 Fazer. Z-350 Fazer. Z-1520 RGB. Z-800II Z-1020 Z-1000II Z-1200II Z-1500II Z-3000II ▽. Antari Fan. △.

Antari Z10 Wired Remote for Z8002, Z10002, B100X, B200, HZ350. Custom flht cases are also an optional choice for two units of Z-1020. Antari Z10 Wired Remote for Z8002, Z10002, B100X, B200, HZ350, Z1020 Machines.

Z-1020 - Antari Lhting And Effects - Products Z-1020, the most powerful DMX-controlled vertical pure fog machine which stands differently. Optional Remotes Z-40 Timer Remote, Z-50 Wireless Remote.

Antari Z-1020 Vertical Pro Fog Machine SamAsh The Antari Z-1020 is the most powerful DMX-controlled vertical, pure fog machine. Sam Ash. Optional Remote Z-40 Timer Remote; Z-50 Wireless Remote.

Antari z 1020 manual:

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