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DMC-FZ50 取扱説明書 ムービー/カメラ Panasonic In the past I have tried this same setting on my Lumix point and shoot with varying degrees of success. DMC-FZ50○あらゆるブレに強い!フルマニュアル光学12倍ズームがついに1010万画素. (※PDFファイルです。比較的ファイル容量が大きいのでご注意.

Macro Mode? LUMIX GX1 Flickr As Matthew said best results would be with a dedicated macro lens. I have been browsing the manual PDF and did a search on macro. In the past I have tried this same setting on my Lumix point and. The only true Panasonic M4/3 lens is the Panny Leica Macro Elmarit. "Bridge-cameras" like the Panasonic FZ50 have a "Macro" setting on the side of the lens barrel.

Isprs The following table shows a list of RAW formats that Card Raider for Mac can recover, and a partial list of the professional cameras creating each photo format. Was a Lumix FZ50 Panasonic 10mb image resolution and estimated focal length was 11.69 mm, corresponding to. 50mm of the traditional 35mm camera.

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